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Grounds maintenance services are crucial for ensuring business premises, public spaces and private grounds are well-kept, healthy and safe for staff, residents and the general public. Inex’s experienced team has been supporting clients in the commercial and public sector with year-round grounds maintenance for 25+ years and we also support clients with large private grounds, such as estates.

Our range of grounds maintenance services include hedge/shrub trimming, lawn care, grass cutting, leaf clearance, weed control, litter picking, planting and landscaping — and tailor-made service packages are available to suit your exact requirements at different times of year.


Winter Maintenance

As the seasons change, so do our clients’ ground maintenance requirements.

Dedicated winter maintenance support is essential for year-round upkeep, as well as the safety and wellbeing of staff and visitors to your premises.

Inex’s specialised winter maintenance services offer reliable cold weather maintenance support and bring valuable peace of mind to clients managing commercial premises, public grounds and large private properties.

New Tools,
Same Inex Standards

As grounds maintenance professionals, we are always seeking out ways to deliver work more efficiently and to higher standards through new technologies and methods.

The Inex approach is to combine the time-earned knowledge and expertise of our team with investment in new tools and machinery, carefully selected for maximum benefit to our range of clients.

Inex regularly utilise remote-controlled mowers in grounds maintenance work — offering greater safety for staff and the ability to cut grass on difficult terrain, such as steep embankments. They also feature interchangeable attachments for tackling various vegetation, from grass and shrubs to large areas of gorse.

Inex triangles lawn Mower

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For general enquiries and to request more information about Inex’s range of services, contact our team via the online web form and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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