Preparing Land
for Future Use

Site clearance services are required to clear land and prepare it for building on, and can include removal of trees, tree stumps and invasive plants, soil and landscaping work and clearing waste and other items to ensure it’s safe, tidy and ready for development.

Thorough survey assessment will ensure an appropriate scope of work and ensure all safety and environmental obligations are met — such as TPOs, plantlife and wildlife protection legislation. Inex’s trained operatives use specialised equipment to deliver this work, from manual tools, to tractor-mounted devices and robotic machinery for site clearance work in all terrains.


Site Clearance

Site clearance services are vital for preparing land for construction, development or other purposes, and common services include removal of trees, stumps and other vegetation, along with specific landscaping work and clearing grounds of litter and waste from prior usage.

Each site clearance project begins with survey work and assessment to ensure all works abide by any tree preservation orders (TPOs) and other plantlife and wildlife protection legislation.

Inex’s team are highly experienced in clearing sites for development and we use professional equipment to deliver this — from manual tools, to tractor-mounted devices and robotic machinery to ensure safety and high standards.

Tree Surgery

Inex offers professional tree surgeon services for commercial, public sector and private clients — including ongoing maintenance of trees and woodland, hedge work, emergency arborist work and removing trees and stumps from land with safety and efficiency.

Our experienced team is NPTC certified, fully insured and operates in accordance with all legal requirements and guidelines, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and safeguarding our clients from the liability issues that arise with unqualified tree surgery work.

New Tools,
Same Inex Standards

As grounds maintenance professionals, we are always seeking out ways to deliver work more efficiently and to higher standards through new technologies and methods.

The Inex approach is to combine the time-earned knowledge and expertise of our team with investment in new tools and machinery, carefully selected for maximum benefit to our range of clients.

Inex regularly utilise remote-controlled mowers in grounds maintenance work — offering greater safety for staff and the ability to cut grass on difficult terrain, such as steep embankments. They also feature interchangeable attachments for tackling various vegetation, from grass and shrubs to large areas of gorse.

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